*reading message in inbox*

Haha dude, have a nice day xx

could i get an imagine with harry? one where he stalked me but i end up falling for him anyways? my name is nessa xx

Sorry I haven’t answered earlier but I haven’t been on this blog for a while. Anyway. I don’t do personals anymore :/ sorry.
Have a nice day Nessa :) xx


I’m really sorry I haven’t been updating lately, but there is a lot of things in school these last weeks before summer break, as always, and school is taking all of my energy. But anyway, I hope to get back on track when things get calmer and my brain isn’t like a pile of shit.


Yeah, bye.

Second theme it is
could you do a 'his thoughts when he first saw/met you' preference please? by the way i love your work, you are a great writer!!! :D

Yeah I might be able to do that :)

Thank you so much! You put a huge smile on my face xx

Which theme should I have?


This one, that I’ve had from the start,



This one?. (you’ll see all of the boys’ faces when you scroll down.)

So.. yeah,

1st or 2nd?